You don’t have to compromise on quality to get the driveway your home or business needs. Turn to Johnny’s Asphalt for an affordable solution with our residential asphalt paving near Pittsburgh, PA. Our contractors install pure asphalt and tar-and-chip driveways for customers throughout Allegheny County. Take advantage of our free estimates to help you save even more on your paving needs.

Why Choose Tar and Chip?

For many property owners, simply having a paved road or driveway is what’s important. Of course, quality is still essential because your family, employees, or customers have to walk and drive on this surface. However, for the most affordable price on a new driveway, you can get the asphalt you need to keep your property navigable with a tar-and-chip surface. Tar-and-chip surfaces are made from liquid asphalt and stone mixed together. The addition of stone makes the surface of the asphalt rougher, but overall the price of chip-sealing service is lower than that of pure asphalt. It’s an excellent option for anyone interested in keeping costs down, and not opposed to a slightly bumpier ride.

Additionally, tar-and-chip surfaces don’t need to be sealed, unlike traditional asphalt. You’ll save hundreds over the years and never have to worry about treading lightly around your seal-coated driveway. Whenever your tar-and-chip installation starts to look worn-down, simply schedule resurfacing with our contractors and enjoy a like-new driveway again.

Resurface an Old Driveway

Most asphalt driveways start to look worn after several years of use. Short of seal coating, there’s little you can do to prevent the normal wear and tear from inclement weather and daily use. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to remediate the visible damage your asphalt has sustained, especially when you choose the team at Johnny’s Asphalt for assistance.

Surface tar-and-chip treatments are excellent ways to apply driveway resurfacing near Pittsburgh, PA. Not only are they easy to lay down, but they are also affordable, too. Best of all, they work for different types of asphalt surfaces, including:

  • Farm Lanes
  • Private Roads
  • Industrial Parking Lots

Contact us when you want to work with one of the leading asphalt companies near Pittsburgh, PA. We provide tar-and-chip driveways for customers throughout Allegheny County.