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The Top Benefits of Having an Asphalt Driveway

The U.S is a country with approximately 2.2 million miles of paved roads. A whopping 94% of them are surfaced with asphalt. This building material is also an astounding substance for residential driveways. To learn more about how great asphalt is for the front of your home, continue reading, These are the top benefits of having a driveway paved with America’s pavement of choice: asphalt.


1. Asphalt is Nearly Weather Resistant


Though it’s not completely impervious to rough weather conditions, it’s still quite durable — especially when compared to concrete. Concrete can crack and look worn down after some time. It can even split if it’s not laid down correctly, which can give your front yard a less-than-lovely appearance. However, asphalt retains its shape due to its flexibility. You won’t have to worry about filling in any unsightly cracks too often with an asphalt driveway, which provides both peace of mind and cost savings.

2. There’s No Waiting Period After Installation


You have to wait around a week for concrete to set, which means you can’t park your vehicles on your newly paved driveway immediately after installation. While this is a small convenience, asphalt throws this problem completely out the window. You can stand, walk, and drive onto it right after it’s been set. No muss, no fuss.


3. Cracks in Asphalt Paving are Easier to Fill


Asphalt is not impervious to cracks. But when they do happen, they are easier to fill! In fact, it’s a project you can do yourself over a weekend. For example, all you need is a caulking gun, a rubberized asphalt-emulsion crack filler, and a trowel to smooth your work down. Insert your emulsifier into the crack, smooth it down, and let it dry. As you can see, it’s a low-maintenance project that nearly anyone can do.


4. You’ll Need Next-to-No Driveway Resurfacing


If you’ve moved into a new home, and plan on repaving the driveway, select asphalt for its longevity. You won’t have to worry about repaving it for another 20 years, which should be a plus for any new homeowner. With so much going on in your life as is, you want to invest in worthwhile services good around your home — and asphalt paving is definitely one of them.


5. You Can Hire a Residential Paving Service to Start and Finish the Job


Not an expert in paving an asphalt driveway? That’s fine! Since it’s such a popular material in construction and home improvement, you can easily find an expert well-versed in driveway installation. Forgoing the DIY method in favor of professional assistance is really one of the best investments you can make in your property.


Finding the Best Residential Paving Service For You


Of course, to create the perfect driveway, you’ll need to get in touch with a residential paving service that knows how to customize and create the perfect driveway to complement your home. If any of these benefits drew your attention, then contact us today for both residential and commercial paving services.