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3 Signs You Need Residential Paving Services

Your driveway is something you probably don’t think about often, unless it’s covered in snow or leaves. But driveways require maintenance and repairs in order to remain in good shape. And having smooth pavement can also result in an increased pavement life by as much as 10 to 25%, which is good news for your wallet. But how do you know when you need residential paving services? Let’s look at a few warning signs to keep in mind.

Cracking: The first problem to keep an eye out for is cracking. Pavement can crack for a variety of reasons — water issues, shifting surfaces, and direct damage can all result in cracks. And while some small cracks may not be a major concern, having multiple large cracks is a real problem. Cracks can cause potholes and other damage by letting water in and allowing the dirt to give away underneath the driveway. So if you have several cracks in your driveway, consider investing in fresh asphalt paving.

Warping: Over time, it’s possible for pavement to become warped or uneven. So take a good look at your driveway … does it seem uneven at all? Warping can occur if the base underneath the driveway isn’t strong enough or shifts. It can also be caused by direct damage or heavy vehicles driving and sitting on top of it. Fortunately, with the right paving solutions, this can be fixed. Some driveways may be able to be evened out with asphalt on top while others may need a new or repaired base.

Fading: Because driveways are exposed to elements like direct sunlight, rain, and snow, they can fade in color over time. While they start out as black, these elements can fade to a light gray. And faded driveways don’t just look bad, but they’re more susceptible to damage. The older a driveway is, the worse it will look, and the more damage it could have. Pavement becomes increasingly weak and brittle as time goes on, so if your driveway is faded, you may need repairs or seal coating.

So if you notice any of these warning signs, you may want to consider getting your driveway repaired. Take action now and schedule residential paving services so you can rest assured your driveway is strong and secure later on. Call Johnny’s Asphalt today at: (888) 233-1646!