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Aspects to Consider for Asphalt Paving

Asphalt pavements are a great choice for your driveway or parking space because they look appealing, last longer, and can be installed quickly. A study shows that smooth pavements increase pavement life anywhere from 10 to 25 percent and at the same time, result in lower maintenance costs. It also good for your budget and the overall environment, and these are why asphalt paving solutions are so popular around the world.

Now that you know about the benefits of asphalt pavements, what are some of the aspects to consider while laying these pavements?

Selecting the Right Contractor

An important aspect is to choose the right commercial or residential paving services. The technicians should be experienced and knowledgeable, and they should be able to pay attention to the smallest of details to give you a smooth and lasting pavement.

While selecting contractors, make sure you get some references, talk to many residential paving services, and do some background research before deciding on a contractor. All these aspects are sure to lead to the good pavement.

Structural Design

While building pavements, ensure that the structural capacity can carry the loads and traffic. The subgrade is the foundation for your pavement and it should be free of topsoil or vegetation. This subgrade should also be molded to match the final contour of the pavement.

The next is your aggregate. Ideally, you need about six to eight inches of crushed aggregate for residential pavements and more for commercial ones. This should be followed by a dense-graded HMS base that should be approximately two inches thick. If the pavement is going to see heavy traffic, you should increase this thickness.

This is the broad structural design that can give you a strong and lasting pavement. Of course, you can also check with a commercial paving services company, as they can guide you better.


Drainage is another essential aspect for the longevity and performance of your pavement. You have to ensure that water doesn’t enter the subgrade because it takes a long time for water to evaporate from this layer, even during hot summer days. Over time, this will weaken the subgrade and can lead to the cracks in your pavement. To avoid all these problems, ensure that you have a proper system to drain water from the pavements before it seeps into the subgrade.


There are many types of HMA mix available and you should work closely with your residential paving services company to identify the right mix that would work well for you. Also, ensure that the asphalt services company buys the HMA mix from a reputed local producer.


The subgrade should be stable and the soil should be well-compacted before you begin construction. This will give the right shape for your pavement. Also, make sure that you do paving when the weather is good.

Thus, these are some of the aspects you should consider for asphalt pavements.